when it deserves a HIGH 5


Dr. of Philosophy.

I watched a friend graduate today with her phd in philosophy. She’s 50 something. (I stop counting after 40). A magnificent bright light in the world. Someone who so fully appreciates every moment in life and lives it to the fullest with the wonderment of a child. We became instant friends one night in a tiny bar in NE watching a band we both had a connection to. That night I thanked the universe for sending this familiar old soul to me. Tonight I thank me for having recognized her. Happy Graduation Suga.



The ocean, The village, The endless sky. What’s not to love.

Scientific Metaphysics and the Institute of Metaphysical Science organization home.




High 5 to the young woman sitting in the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers parking ramp booth across the street from Williams arena. We sat in line waiting to get out of the ramp for a very long time, waiting as car after car backed out of their parking spaces in front of us until we finally had to ignor them in order to keep moving.

The women had just lost to Iowa by 2 points in the final seconds of the game and people are a bit grumpy. After what seemed like an hour we inched our way out and there…at the end…was a young woman sitting in the parking ramp cashier booth with the sweetest smile, waving to the cars one by one, as they exited the parking garage. Our mood lifted instantly and you, young women in the University of Minnesota parking ramp cashier booth across from Williams Arena, made me smile instantly and lifted me. High 5! I wish I had a camera but I can still stilll the smile in my minds eye.


I’ve seen old souls among us.

We look at one another with deep familiarity. We are dressed like everyday people doing everyday things. We are mostly un-noticed as we walk through life, observing, bumping up against, soaking it in. Loving, laughing, living. Struggling, mirroring, learning. We are one you and I, here to help one another see the divinity of ourselves reflecting back at us in the language of the seen, heard and felt. I grow you in my world to teach me.



with my dog Izzie. High 5 dogs. Lapping up life, happy to be looking out a window on a beautiful winter’s day.


….Who have seemed to take back the wheel and drive the car by voting for a change in Washington. Let’s put integrity back by living with integrity, each and every one of us, in our own lives. Government, after all, is SELF-GOVERNMENT and it starts right here with each of us. What’s happening in Washington is no different than what’s happening in our own lives. Be the change we want to see in the world.

High 5 the American Voters!


High 5 friends who help you be the best you, you can be. Who pulls you up when you are down and stands beside you with a stong hand behind your back. Who sticks by you with a belief in who you are, and what you can accomplish. A person who tells you what a difference you make. A person who tells you that it will all be ok, even when it looks like it won’t. High 5 to friends who call you just to tell you they were thinking about you and ask what you are up to. High 5 to friends who share themselves completely with you…all the fears, joys, doubts, triumphs, setbacks, sarcasm, kindness and grief. The true wealth of life.


I’m sure most people have seen this, but this deserves a High 5 evertime it’s viewed (which is currently over 4 million).


If you haven’t heard Hot Chip yet, you should check them out. I particularly love their video for “Over and Over” which you can watch right here:


The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe:

All my life I said I wanted to be someone…I can see now that
I should have been more specific.

check this video out:

Lily Tomlin –High 5!